Friday, October 23, 2015

eclipse reduce tab height

Simple and definitive guide for this annoing problem

Every Linux GTK (and not only) them present horrible Eclipse IDE
I'm working with:
CentOs 7 GUI
Eclipse Mars 4.5

You can customize file in this path:


Modify css class as:

.MPartStack {
  font-size: 9;
  font-family: Liberation Sans;
  swt-tab-renderer: null;
  swt-tab-height: 22px;
  swt-selected-tabs-background: #FFFFFF #ECE9D8 100%;
  swt-simple: false;
  swt-mru-visible: false;

to obtain decent tab style

Alternative to yuo can install Eclipse plugin :

Go to menu Help > Install new software, then install E4 CSS editor (Incubation) plug-in using update site (add this link:

After restart, go to Window > Preferences, General > Appearance and now you can edit styles here for any selected theme

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